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Kenny Martin - Owner

540-404-4298 -

I'm Kenny Martin. I have over 20 years of experience in the auto industry. My background in the car business comes from working in new and used car sales for over 15 years before venturing out on our own.
I was a Salesperson, Internet Salesperson and Internet Sales Manager over my career with the franchised dealership. I always had the desire to open my own car lot, and with the help and support of my wife Jennifer, we opened in 2015.
All my life I have been a car fanatic. My Dad was a mechanic by trade and every bit a car guy himself. My Dad would go to work all day only to come home and work on family and friends vehicles until late in the evening. He taught me what work ethic is, what it means to do a job well, and a few new cuss words in that garage.

In my time at the new car dealership, the one thing I really couldn't stand was the perception of the Car Dealer. Everyone thinks they are crooks and liars, and some for very good reason. I wanted my Dealership to be open in disclosing the good and bad about the cars we sell with real vehicle descriptions and upfront pricing. I wanted to encourage customers to get the cars checked by their mechanic.
 I wanted us to be different, and we are.

 I would encourage you to look up our page on facebook at   We do lots of videos and we do have a lot of fun at "work". 
Some educational videos, a few sale videos, but mostly we do fun videos. " Area 51 Invasion", "Baking cookies on a dash", ' The Devil went Down to Salem song", "The Grim Reaper", " Selling to a Redneck" are just a few examples. 

We have fun and Love what we do! I hope to see you soon. Please do call or text me personally with any questions and let me know how I can be of assistance!
Kenny 540-266-0096


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Jennifer Martin - Owner

540-404-4298 -

Hi, I'm Jennifer Martin.

My Husband Kenny had this crazy idea to quit his job several years ago and open a car lot. The uneasiness of not having a steady paycheck was terrifying. The thoughts of what could happen were real, but he believed we could do it, I knew he had the experience and desire, so we took the leap. I was a stay at home Mom until we opened our own business. It was quite a transition going back to work, especially working for ourselves.
I knew nothing about cars, sales or all the paperwork. It was a huge learning experience but yet here we are.
I do most of the book keeping, keep all our records, pay the bills, and I do have my sales license.
I have really enjoyed our adventure! It is great being able to do it for ourselves.
While I still may not be the most knowledgeable car person, I do enjoy helping people. Any car questions, I just ask Kenny.
I do hope you will stop by and see us!
Jennifer Martin

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