Salem Car Dealership wins Roanoke Times award!

The Roanoke Times, SW VA Living Magazine has announced the results of the Readers Choice awards for 2021!
Competition Cars and Classics wins the Gold Award for "Best Used Car Dealership" for the second year in a row!
Second place was Jones Car Company, also of Salem, and Third went to Brambleton Imports in Roanoke.
Also in this years vote was a "Best Car Salesperson" award. Kenny Martin, of Competition Cars and Classics in Salem, took home the Silver in that category!
The Gold winner was W.J. Altizer of Haley Toyota of Roanoke, and the Bronze went to Darren Yeatts of Magic City in Roanoke.
We are excited and very honored that so many people have the confidence to place their vote for us! We would like to thank everyone that voted for us, it means the world to us!
Congratulations to all the winners!

Come visit Our City of Salem For Old Salem Days!

Come and visit our beautiful City of Salem for Old Salem Days! The downtown streets will be full of food vendors, crafters and an awesome car show!
Olde Salem Days is on September 11, 2021 from 8:30am-4:30pm! Shuttle service is available from the Salem Civic Center. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Salem and The City of Salem, the Olde Salem Days is an event that brings in visitors from all over the region! Come and see why Competition Cars and Classics is so proud to call Salem, Virginia home!

Salem City Schools Student date

Competition Cars and Classics would like to remind you that Salem City Schools return to class on August 30th this year. 
Please be mindful of our Salem City school buses and be careful with the additional traffic. Lets keep our students safe on the roads!
If you have a student that will be coming of driving age, we have a great selection of used cars that would be perfect first vehicles!
Many of our customers are parents and getting their kid a first car. We also have two children and remember the stress of searching for that perfect vehicle. 
We wish all the students at Salem High School, Glenvar High School, Andrew Lewis Middle School, West Salem Elementary, South Salem Elementary, GW Carver Elementary, Glenvar Middle and Elementary Schools, and East Salem Elementary all the best on this new school year! 

Roanoke Valley Cars and Coffee

Blue Ridge Motorsports is one of our neighboring businesses. They are located at 504 Roanoke St, Salem, Va. 24153.
They are not only our Salem Line-X dealer but also an Official Petty's Garage Authorized Dealer! Blue Ridge offers racing fuel, many parts and accessories and has an in house dyno! Great little speed shop for our Salem area! 
We do so love the sounds of those cars on the dyno!
Once a month, they host the Roanoke Valley Cars and Coffee meet. It's a get together of car enthusiast and their beautiful rides! 
People from all over the Roanoke Valley and Salem area will show up with their rides, and it makes for a wonderful car show event!
There is an empty parking lot in front of Blue Ridge Motorsports and right beside of Competition Cars and Classics, that will fill with cars of all eras, as well as Blue Ridge's parking lot busting at the seams. 
It's a great place to come by and check out the best of the older and newer cars. There will be hot rods, muscle cars, imports, turbo cars, trucks, and just about whatever you can imagine may show up!
A Family atmosphere and free event, for the public. It sure is nice to come in to work and be able to walk through and look at all the gorgeous cars and trucks!

Be sure to check Blue Ridge Motorsports on Facebook, to learn the schedule of the events or give them a call at 540-389-8595.
If you need your car tuned, a dyno pull or just about anything automotive, check these guys out! 
Tell them Competition Cars and Classics recommended them to you! 

Looking for Used Cars in Salem Virginia

Look no further! Competition Cars and Classics has a great selection of used cars, trucks and SUV's! With over 6 years in business as a dealership and over 20 years in the used car business, our expert knowledge of vehicles provides you with reliable vehicles at reasonable prices! We specialize in used cars in the $3,000-$12,000 price range. Our average sale price is just under $5,000! You will See why people from Salem, Roanoke, Christiansburg, Lynchburg and even out of state buyers, are making the trip to buy from Competition Cars and Classics! We post real descriptions, videos of each vehicle on our website and upfront pricing on the lot or online! Check our reviews and you will also want to make the trip to Competition Cars and Classics for your next pre-owned vehicle! 

Used Cars in Salem Va.

Looking for used cars in Salem, Virginia? Competition Cars and Classics is the low price used car leader in Salem!
With upfront, low prices, clear to read accurate descriptions, we are the dealership you should consider when searching for a used car, truck or SUV.
We post our prices as cash prices, online and on the lot.
With over 20 years in the automotive industry, we are your clear choice when you want to buy from someone with expert knowledge, a transparent buying process, and friendly customer service.
Check our reviews, check our vehicles, and check our prices! 
Serving Salem, Roanoke, Christiansburg and surrounding areas in Virginia. 

New and Used car prices continue to Increase

The Perfect Storm-

You may have noticed some of your new car dealerships very low on new cars and trucks, and you may have seen some used car dealers very low as well.
With tax refunds and stimulus money hitting at roughly the same time in February and March, used car dealers had record months and were drained of inventory.
At about that same time, new car manufacturers started experiencing a shortage of computer chips to build new vehicles and this created an extreme lack of inventory for new car dealerships. With the lack of inventory, fewer trade ins are taken in and the new car dealers are also forced to keep more traded in used cars just to have something to sell. Thus now, a greatly reduced inventory availability for used car dealers.
With so many used car dealerships competing for so few vehicles, this drives prices up. Way up at this point. New car dealers are getting over sticker price on many new cars.

The computer chip shortage is projected to last one to two years. This means a huge shortstop of new vehicles for a good while and it will keep used car values inflated.
This not only impacts you the consumer trying to buy a vehicle, but it impacts all the dealerships and their employees. In many cases, salespeople have no inventory to sell, thus cutting their income dramatically. Many used car dealers simply are not getting enough vehicles to keep their lots profitable.
A very good local dealer here has had to downsize due to lack of inventory and lack of employees.
I do not see this changing in the next 12 months. It will probably get worse before it gets better.
To add to the problem, the current employment situation has almost every garage searching for qualified mechanics. This has garages at full capacity of work and a backlog of repairs. It is taking dealers longer to repair and process the few vehicles they are able to acquire.

What this means for the car buyer?-
This created the Perfect Storm.
Expect prices to remain high and selection low. It is not the best time for a consumer looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Dealers can’t easily replace the new or used car you’re looking to buy so they have no incentive to “cut you a deal”. They must make every dollar they can reasonably make to pay the bills, pay the employees and keep business moving. I know many think it’s greed or taking advantage of the situation, however, it’s the simple economics of supply and demand.
I got a message through fb marketplace a couple days ago and a guy said “you’re asking $5,000 for that? What are you smoking? “
I agree it’s high, though I’m not. KBB on this particular car is now $5,800 where in January it would have been $3,800. Yes it’s high, but it is supply and demand.

At Competition Cars and Classics we have avenues of inventory to buy from many dealers do not. I spend hours on hours searching for vehicles at reasonable prices. We have been fortunate enough to keep our inventory levels good, though our mechanical processing times and dollar amounts have increased.
We do everything we can to still provide the best “deals” possible for our customers. I encourage anyone at anytime to always shop around for the best deal, but remember, the lowest price is not always the best deal. Mechanical reconditioning, vehicle history, cosmetic condition and most importantly title status are all factors. We try our best to never sell a rebuilt or salvage title vehicle. Many dealers around thrive on those vehicles. I cannot and will not compete with the prices of a salvage titled vehicle.

I want to sell a vehicle with an upfront disclosure of anything we know of wrong with it, if there is anything. Our vehicles will be gone over mechanically by a qualified mechanic and we will repair what we see fit and disclose what we leave for the buyer. We do not make any vehicle perfect and we cannot make them new again. We will never sell a vehicle that we think has a safety issue and portray it as a road ready car.
We sell all vehicles as-is and recommend you to take it to your mechanic for inspection BEFORE buying.
There is no mechanic that can predict the future but an inspection is an opportunity to spot items needing attention soon. Some vehicles will breakdown after we sell them, it’s just a fact of life. We are not perfect, our cars are not perfect, and we will do our due diligence to let you know what you are buying and give you the opportunity to say “no, I don’t want to buy your car.” But, if you do find a vehicle with us that is perfect for you, we will do everything we can to give you a fair price, and a friendly and appreciative buying experience.
We don’t want to “sell” you a car.

We want you to buy a car from us because you want to. We want you to buy a car because you like it, you need it, you think the price is fair, and because you understand what condition the car is in and you are happy with it and with us.
This will pass in time and there will be “deals” again. In the meantime, know that we are fighting for you Salem, Va., fighting for the deals everyday, and we ain’t smoking anything!

The Most Badass Used Car Dealer in Salem!

Congratulations! You have found the most Badass Used Car dealership in Salem, Va.!
Why are we a badass car dealership?
2- We will never pressure you to buy anything.
3- We promise to greet you and give you time to look on your own but will gladly give you the level of attention you desire personally to answer any questions.
4- We will clearly post cash prices on the vehicle and on our website for you to see.
5- We will give real descriptions with the positives and negatives of each vehicle, to the best of our knowledge.
6- We cannot make any vehicle perfect, but we will do our best to sell safe, reliable and fairly priced vehicles.
7- We sell all vehicles as-is and want you to know what you are buying.
8- We are not a buy here pay here dealer. We do work with several lenders and will do our best to meet your financing needs.
9- We are a Husband and Wife team, no other employees. You will always speak to the owner.
10- We support our community, Schools, Fire, Police, Military, The City of Salem, and our Great Nation, The United States of America!
11- 2020 Winner of The Roanoke Times Gold award for Overall, Best Place to Buy a Car!
12- 2021 Winner of the Roanoke Times Silver award for Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership. 

We love what we do! We love cars and meeting new people. If we can help you, we will!
While we are obviously in business for a fair profit, our goal is to help you get a vehicle at a fair price, with as much disclosure on the vehicle as we can possibly know.
If we do not have a vehicle that works for you, we will do our best to recommend another reputable Used Car dealer in our area.
We are not only here to sell you a car, we are going to try and help you find the right place to buy it.
 Even if that is not with us. 

Pardon our language, but we try to be used car badasses every day! 
We are Kenny and Jennifer Martin, we are Competition Cars and Classics. 

Social Media Etiquette for Parents and Grandparent

I am a car dealer in Salem, Virginia, not a social media expert. However, I use Facebook as an advertising platform for my car dealership everyday. We have a little over 4,000 followers, and my Mom is one of our biggest fans. I love my Mom to death, but, my Mother is 85 years old and was new to the social media world. She would sometimes make comments or statements on my business page that would be better suited in a text message, or she will make them on our children's personal FB pages. 
My mother would often get upset over things on Facebook, she didn't understand. When I say upset, I mean calling me crying and just emotionally wrecked, over maybe a picture or joke, that she didn't understand. I talked my Mother into getting off of Facebook. I am sure she is much happier. After my experience with my Mom, I learned many people have the same issues. Here is a guide I wrote for parents and grandparents. I do hope someone will benefit from this. 

Facebook etiquette for Parents and Grandparents-

Facebook is a great platform to keep in touch with family and friends, and share each other’s lives. You love your family and want to be involved and show them you care. However, it is very easy to accidentally cross the line of keeping in touch, to being an unintended stalker and being annoying to that person you love.
Here are some insightful tips for parents of grown children and grandparents.

1- Understand their Facebook page is their circle of friends- It is an important way for them to communicate with their chosen friends. Having Mom and Dad or Grandpa and Grandma( now referred to as MDGG) comment on each post is very much a no, no. All their circle of friends see these comments and can be made to feel very uncomfortable posting anything in return to them, knowing their MGDD is watching. Example- 30 year old Valerie post a picture of her Halloween costume, which is sexy and a little revealing. MDGG comments “ you look lovely” ,” you’re showing too much cleavage” “are you going to a party”, can be very embarrassing to Valerie and is not what the photo was posted for. Understand the like button is appropriate almost always. Comments are not.

2- Do not friend their friends- Facebook friends are people that are chosen to be in their circle. You may have people you both know in your friends circle but your child or grandchild will have many friends of their own. You do not know their friends and your child or grandchild does not need you to know them either. It is their chosen circle. It can seem really weird and somewhat creepy when a middle aged to elderly MDGG, friend request a 20 or 30 year old someone they do not know. Do not make your child or grandchild’s friends think their MDGG are kind of creepy. It can actually affect the friendship your child or grandchild has with that person.

3- Respect their work and professional life- Many of your children and grandchildren use social media for work related purposes. They may have a separate business page or might just use their own personal profile. In their business contacts, there can be people of great influence in their professional lives. It can be Bosses, current and potential clients or related employers that are watching that page and that person. Their professional image does not need or want MDGG to be involved with this part of their life. If you want to know how their professional life is going, posting on their business or professional page is a huge “don’t do it”. You don’t need to say “good job son”, “love you my little girl “, “That’s my boy”, or “I’m proud of you” on a business post. This can be seen as unprofessional to people that may actually have an influence in your son, daughter or grandchild’s business and will be a little embarrassing to your child or grandchild, though they will probably never tell you. They will want to spare your feelings, just spare them the embarrassment and just hit the like button if you must.

4- Learn to text- Texting is completely different than social media. It is a private conversation you share between two people, and not for the whole world to see. Example- Valerie is pregnant and post on Facebook “ I’m going to find out the gender of my child today, I’m so excited”. An appropriate comment could be “congrats”, or “can’t wait” or a simple click of the like button. An inappropriate comment would be “ is that man taking you”, “am I going to be able to keep the baby some”. Or let’s say Valerie post a picture of her and a man you do not know. A MDGG inappropriate comment would be “ you look good together”, or “who is this man”. A simple click of the like button or if you do not know the other person, skipping the post all together would be the right thing to do. This post was obviously not made for you to understand or for you to question. If you have questions, call them or text them, but for the most part, mind your business and just skip it.

5- Don’t hijack post- If your child or grandchild makes a post that you do not understand or does not speak of the family in general, it is probably not made for you to comment on or to react to. Some post are meant for friends their age, or a certain group of friends that share an interest, and not for MDGG. You do not need to comment on many of their post. Most children and grandchildren are going to communicate with MDGG by phone or in person. They have either accepted your friend request or requested you as a friend out of respect and so not to hurt your feelings. Understand they love you wholeheartedly, but their online presence does have limits. Be glad they have feelings for you and showed you the respect of an online friendship, but understand that is their world, not yours, and they expect you to be in their real world, not their social media world.

6- Calm Down- When scrolling on Facebook, there are going to be post that you don’t understand, some you take the wrong way, and some that just make you mad. Keep on scrolling. The sense of humor may be something you don’t understand. It may be an inside joke you are not a part of. MDGG have no business getting into a political, racial, religious or any other sensitive matter conversation on their child or grandchild’s page. Your family loves you but believe me, they will block or unfriend you if you are an embarrassment to them online. Mind your manners and just keep it to yourself. If you see something that upsets you, remember that text thing I was talking about, send them a text or if you must, call them.

7- But I must look out for my kid- If you are a Mom or Dad, it is absolutely your job to monitor and teach your child about the dangers online and the consequences that can come from any social media platform. This guide is more about children over the age of 18. However, I will say, at the age of 18, you have to be ready to let them go online. If you have raised them right, they should be responsible enough to understand right from wrong, and what is appropriate to post and what is not. If they are not ready, that is as much on you as it is them. Sorry, just a hard truth. Being a good parent you must understand the importance of an “image” to a teen and someone in their early 20’s. Their online image is just as important to them as your reputation is to you. They can have hundreds or thousands of online friends, and many of those only know your youngster from their online contact. They are still learning who they are, what they want to be, who real friends are and how to interact with all of them. They will always need MDGG in their lives, but at this age independence is an important step in adulthood. We must let them learn, let them succeed, and unfortunately, let them occasionally fail, to learn what life is about. Be there for them, give them a loving ear when needed, but let them come to you. They do not want your help in many personal problems, and all it would do is upset you and the adult child.

8- MDGG is new on social media- This is about your protection. So you are fairly new to Facebook or whatever platform. There are dangers to you, that you must look out for. There are many scammers in the world, and they love to pray on older individuals that do not understand it’s a scam. First, do not accept friend request from anyone you do not know. Second, do not post information about being home alone, about going on vacation, or posting any pictures of valuables you own. Scammers will look for easy prey. They will look for people living alone, and look for post about homes being empty. They will look at your immediate family members, They may pretend to be your grandchild or child and tell you they are in trouble and need money. Grandparents, They will tell you please don’t tell Mom and Dad. Do not mail, wire or meet anyone to give them money. This can happen by phone or online. Be careful and expect it to be a scam unless you absolutely know it to be true.

9- Lay off the personal photos- While you are proud of your family and want the world to see, many MDGG post photos that are unflattering or very personal to other family members. A text of “ do you mind if I post this” is much better received than tagging someone in a photo, or posting it without tagging them. You may think the photo is cute but the other person may not want their friends to see it for whatever reason. Sure posting pics of your kids when very young is a proud thing for any Mom and Dad to do. But when Jr is 15 and you’re posting a picture of him sitting in a sink naked as a one year old, he may be very much against any of his friends seeing this. Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world where online bullying and in school bullying is very real. Don’t give any of their “friends” ammunition against them. Just try to use common sense. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your family and wanting to show them off to the world, just be aware of the impact the wrong photos can have on someone’s personal and professional lives.

10- Do you really need social media and enjoy it?- Social media can be a great platform if used properly, but social media can also cause a lot of unwelcome drama. Many friendships, marriages and families have been divided, over social media.
The perils of social media can be real. Just be sure as a MDGG, you are not the cause of any of the drama. Follow the steps above, and you will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your family, while having you as a social media friend. And remember, social media is nowhere near as important in your life as the actual people are. As a Mom, Dad, Grandmother or Grandfather, your family loves you with or without social media. Please don’t be offended if you see this on one of your family members post. It is meant as a post to help you, not criticize you. We don’t care about your social media so much, we care about you.

Love you Mom! Stay happy, stay off social media!

 Kenny Martin
Owner / Operator
Competition Cars and Classics
610 W 4th St. Salem, Va. 24153

The Roanoker Magazine Roanoke Times Best of 2021

The Roanoker "Best of Roanoke 2021" awards have been announced! Competition Cars and Classics is proud to have a received the Silver award for " The Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership" 
The Platinum winner was Berglund Automotive and Gold is Brambleton Imports. To even be in this conversation of such fine dealerships is truly an honor. 
We are the only Salem dealership to receive an award!

Here are the automotive category winners. 
Best Overall Car Dealership-
Platinum- Berglund Automotive
Gold- First Team Auto Mall
Silver- Haley Toyota

Best Luxury Car Dealership- 
Platinum- Berglund Luxury 
Gold- Brambleton Imports
Silver- BMW of Roanoke

Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership-
Platinum- Berglund Automotive
Gold- Brambleton Imports
Silver- Competition Cars and Classics

We would like to thank everyone that voted for us, and to congratulate each of the other dealerships that won the well deserved awards. All very good organizations. 

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