Why is "Classics" in our name when we don't have c

Competition Cars and Classics was actually formed in 2013. I was working for a new car dealership and wanted to pursue my dream of opening my own dealership.
My dream was to have a variety of modern and classic cars in inventory. In 2013 we found a secure lot, made an offer and began the process of buying our own place.
We were excited and ready to get underway. We got the bank loan approved and formed Competition Cars and Classics. 
About 3 weeks before our loan closing, the bank called and said someone at the corporate level had overruled the approval and wanted a substantially larger down payment. 
At that time, we did not have the kind of money they wanted. The banker told me he would get it taken care of and not to worry.
The person selling the lot, was also a member of this same bank. He heard of the issue with closing and had another buyer ready.
The other buyer was approved and we lost out on that lot. 
We already had our Company LLC formed at this time. 
It took us two more years to find a suitable location to open. We opened in Troutville VA in 2015 as Competition Cars and Classics LLC. This location did not have a suitable secure area for the classic cars. In 2016 we found our current location at 610 W 4th St in Salem. This lot offered much more road traffic, a larger population, a two car garage, and a paved lot. It was a no brainer to move, yet we still did not have a secure area.
So here we are, almost 6 years later. Our business model does not include classics cars, as much as we'd like to. We kept our name, as it is a difficult proceeding to change, and we have grown known by our name in the community. 
Competition Cars and Classics is owned and operated by Kenny and Jennifer Martin. We do wish we had the space for the classics, because it is a passion of mine.  

Competition Cars and Classics is a Used Car Dealer

Competition Cars and Classics is a Used Car Dealer in Salem, Va. that specializes in low cost used cars, trucks and SUV's. Our inventory prices usually range from $2,000 to the $10,000 range. 
We may have anything from 1995 up to 2017, We carry high mileage and low mileage vehicles, but all have been state inspected and gone over by a qualified mechanic, as well as reasonably possible. 
We do allow and encourage you to take any of our vehicles to your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection, prior to your purchase.
We provide a full description to the best of our ability, on each vehicle with photographs of the good and the bad. 
None of our vehicles are perfect, but we do our best to sell a safe and reliable car. We do not normally carry salvage or rebuilt title vehicles. 
Many local dealers do, but unless otherwise stated, our vehicles will have a clean title. 
We post our prices right up front, so you can easily compare and narrow your decisions. We are not a buy here pay here dealer, we are primarily a cash transaction business. 
We do offer financing assistance tot hose that need it, with a few local lenders and a National lender. We do have lenders that will assist with bad credit or no credit financing, with a qualified down payment and a vehicle that meets the lenders qualifications. Not all applicants will qualify. Credit decisions are at the lenders discretion. 
Our inventory is updated daily on our website. We are constantly adding new inventory! If we do not have what you are looking for, let us know and we will be glad to do a search and see if we can get the vehicle you want. 
We are located at 610 W. 4th St. Salem, Va. 24153. Our customers come from Salem, Roanoke, Botetourt, Christiansburg, Martinsville and many other cities and states.
Check our reviews, look at our inventory and compare our prices, and see for yourself why this small dealership has customers driving hours to purchase a vehicle. 

How do we sell cars so Cheap

How do we sell so many cars under $5,000? It is getting much more difficult to find a used car under $5,000 that is worth having. At Competition Cars and Classics, Kenny searches almost every day for new car dealer trade ins that are in an affordable price range. Once we secure a car, it's time for the garage to go over the vehicle and see what it needs. We try our best to provide a safe and reliable vehicle. When it hits the lot for sale, you can be assured we have went over the car and it is ready. We sell vehicles starting as low as $2,000!
We want to be the Used Car Dealer that you can buy a car, truck or SUV, under $5,000 and it be a vehicle you will be satisfied with. 
Come check us out at 610 W. 4th St. Salem Va. 24153.

Used Trucks in Stock Salem Va!

Used trucks are in stock and ready to go at Competition Cars and Classics!
We are stocking up on trucks for the winter season. We have crew cabs, extended cabs and regular cab trucks!
Whether you need a 4x4 or a 4x2 truck, we have you covered! 
Come and see why Competition Cars and Classics is your Used Truck source in Salem, Virginia!

Looking for a Used Honda Civic We have them and m

It's Honda Civic Central at Competition Cars and Classics! 5 Civics in stock starting as low as $2,200! You would think we are your Salem Virginia Honda Used Car Dealer! 
We also have two great 2012 Honda Accords and a Honda Fit in stock! If you are looking for all wheel drive, come check out the awesome 2008 Honda Element or the 2011 Honda CRV that are in stock!
It's Honda city in Salem Virginia at Competition Cars and Classics, 610W 4th St. Salem, Va. 24153.

Readers Choice Award- " Best Place to Buy Car" Roa

The fall edition of The Roanoke Times Living Magazine, recently posted it's Annual Reader's Choice Awards for 2020. Your winner in the category of "Best Place to Buy  Car" is Competition Cars and Classics!
Competition Cars and Classics took the Gold award with Silver going to First Team Auto Mall and Bronze to Haley Toyota of Roanoke.
We would like to thank all that gave us their vote! We are honored and amazed that so many people recognize us as a place you can trust to do business with! 
To even be in the mix with First Team and Haley was incredible, but to win the Gold is something we are just blown away by!

You can find the results of all the Reader's Choice Awards in the Fall 2020 edition of Discover SW VA Living Magazine. Southwest Virginia's Premier Lifestyle Magazine. 

Competition Cars and Classics Nominated!

Competition Cars and Classics has been nominated and is a finalist in the "Best Place to Buy a Car" category, in the Roanoker Magazines Best of Contest! 
Only the top 5 car dealers advanced to the finals and these finalist were voted in by the online readers of The Roanoker Magazine.
Kenny Martin, owner of Competition Cars and Classics, said "We are just proud to be associated with the other dealers in the top five."
The top five dealerships consist of First Team Auto Mall in Roanoke, Haley Toyota of Roanoke, Hart Motor Company of Salem, Brambleton Imports in Roanoke, and Competition Cars and Classics in Salem.
"We are a small, Husband and wife operation and to be considered with these quality dealerships is such an honor. It doesn't matter who wins or places in this contest, each is a high quality car dealer."
Competition Cars and Classics is located at 610 W. 4th St. Salem, Va. 24153.
Give them a call at 540-404-4298 or see their inventory online at www.competitioncarsandclassic.com. 

Chevrolet Silverado's in stock Salem Va!

Competition Cars and Classics is looking like a used Chevrolet dealer with all the Silverado trucks! 
We have a 2010 Ext cab 4x4 work truck, a 2008 Extended cab 4x4 LT model and a 2008 Crew cab 4x4 LT!
All priced to sell! Come and see why we are Salem Virginia's best Dealer for your used truck!

The Used Car Dealer

Here is a published article I wrote called, The Used Car Dealer. Hope you enjoy it.

The Used Car Dealer
In the beginning of the automobile age, new car dealers would sell new cars and they would repair and sell the used cars they took in trade.
When vehicles were aged and it no longer made sense to the new car dealer to spend the money and time to fix the older cars, the used car dealer was born.
The used car dealer is a unique breed. The used dealer must be able to find a diamond in the rough and polish a rock
into a gem. To take someone else’s trash, and turn it into treasure.
Before the used car dealer even opens for business he must navigate city ordinances, be a DMV law expert, negotiate lease or purchase terms for a lot, learn that insurance is a 4 letter word, and figure out how to finance all of this.
The used car dealer must be a mechanic, detailer, janitor, receptionist, advertising executive, social media expert, researcher, accountant, I.t. Person, photographer, transporter, security expert, greeter, negotiator, salesperson, CEO and a mom or dad.
The used car dealer must fit 24 hours of work into a 12 plus hour day. His day off is spent at auctions, buying cars online and at the dealership getting cars ready for sale.
He must be motivated beyond reason and enthusiastic when he’s exhausted inside.
He must have the energy of a 4 year old on a sugar rush, when he’s had 4 hours sleep and has a 14 hour day ahead. He must smile and entertain a guest that has no intention of buying his car, when he has 8 projects waiting on his attention.
He must make money to stay open yet sell good quality at great prices.
He must balance family and work yet the scale always seems to tilt towards the dealership.
He has a high divorce rate, high blood pressure and even higher expectations for life.
He works when others would quit. He knows winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. He considers 40 hrs a week a part time job.
He does all this for Many reasons. His internal drive, his goals, his plan, his vision, his community, his customer and his family.
Every month you are back to zero, or hero to zero as they say. Yet his motivation does not falter.
There will be failure, fear and falls in this learning curve.
But when the success’s finally tend to outweigh the failures, then he can say, yeah, I got this.
If you stop by your local used car dealer, shake his hand. If he’s a real car guy, that hand is likely sore and stained, but he will give you a firm hand with a sincere welcome.
For our excitement begins when that car pulls in our lot and Every time that phone rings. When you say I’ll take it, our heart surges, our adrenaline flows
And our process starts all over.
God I love being a used car dealer.
By Kenny Martin
Owner Competition Cars and Classics

Used Car Financing options BHPH or Lender Salem

Financing options or BHPH dealer lending for a Used Car in Salem Va.- 
When it is time to search for a vehicle, one of the considerations is always, how will I pay for the car.
Circumstances vary for everyone, but there are several choices.
*Finance through your bank
* Let Dealer arrange financing through a lender
* Pay all cash or check
* Do Buy here pay here financing. 
BHPH financing is typically for someone with either very little credit history or a bad credit history. Some dealers will do a loan with no credit check. 
With buy here pay here you will usually be required to have a down payment, and will make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments directly to the car dealer.
Most times your best choice is to just pay cash if that is possible. If not, you will need to finance. If you have a good relationship with your bank, check with them for a pre-approval before car shopping. 
Many dealers offer financing through outside lenders and some of those lenders will be able to offer programs to assist the not so perfect credit customer. 
By going through an outside lender, your loan will be reported to the credit bureaus and can help build your credit. Most buy here pay here loans, do not report on your credit and do nothing to improve your credit rating. 
At Competition Cars and Classics, we do have several lenders and banks to assist with your financing needs on your used car or truck. With qualifying down payment and income, we can usually get some type of approval. 
We do not offer buy here pay here financing. We do offer several lower priced vehicles that can be purchased outright, for what many bhph dealers want as a down payment!
If we cannot assist with your financing, we will be glad to refer you to a BHPH dealer we know and trust. 
Buy here pay here does have it's place in the market. There are some customers that this may be their only source of lending and their only chance of buying a car.
Before doing a bhph loan, just be aware of your options. With a good down payment and prove able income, you may have other options that will help your credit get back on track. 
All loans are subject to credit approval and financing qualifications. Competition Cars and Classics Used Auto Sales is not a lender and we do not make lending decisions.  
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