1- Do your cars come with any warranty?
All of our vehicles are sold as-is. We do have service contracts available at an additional cost, through Cars Protection plus on most vehicles in stock.

2- Do you have buy here pay here or in house financing?
We do not have Buy here pay here financing. We do have several local lenders, a credit union and one National lender, that we can use to try to get you the best financing options, based on your credit qualifications.

3- Are your vehicles inspected?
Each vehicle is state inspected. While most of our vehicles for sale will pass state inspection, we occasionally will sell a project vehicle with a state rejection sticker. If that is the case, we clearly mark all reasons for the rejection.
We not only state inspect the vehicles, but we have local mechanics go over non state inspection related issues (check engine lights etc..) and either repair them or disclose what we know is wrong. We also allow and recommend that you take our vehicle to a local mechanic of your choice for a pre-purchase inspection. We want you to know what you are buying.

4- Where do you get your cars?
Most of our vehicles are new car dealer trades, that are sold through various auctions. We search a several state radius to acquire the best inventory we can for our customers.

5- Do you sell salvage vehicles?
As a practice, no we do not. We occasionally may get a trade in vehicle with a salvage title or find one at the auction that is too good to pass up, with a salvage title, but we normally try to avoid those. If it does have a salvage title, it will be disclosed very thoroughly in the vehicle description.

6- Why do you not have classic cars when it's in your name?
When we first formed our company in 2015, we were going to have a secured lot that would allow us to have classic vehicles. That deal fell through in the last minute and we had already formed our LLC. We decided to keep the name, just in case we ever did get a location with the security to carry them.

7- Why do some of your cars have a lot of miles?
Our goal is to sell vehicles in the $3,000-$12,000 price range. Many newer vehicles, especially trucks, will have to be higher mileage to fit in this price range. We have each vehicle looked over by independent certified mechanics, to be sure we have the best vehicle available at a very fair price.

8- How often do you update your website?
Our website , automatically updates every night at around 3am.

9- How often do you get new inventory?
We search for new inventory daily. We have local auctions and online auctions that cover the entire country that we use, but most of our inventory is from the east coast due to shipping cost.

10- Why are your descriptions so different than other used car dealers?
I try to do my vehicle descriptions the way that I would want to see them. I try to be the eyes and ears of the customer buying the car. I want my description to be as if you had hired me to inspect the car. I would rather someone come in and look at a vehicle and say it's much nicer than you described, than to say why didn't you tell me about that. Long before I was a dealer, I drove 8 hours one way to look at a vehicle that was grossly misrepresented. I was very angry and frustrated. I left reviews on every site I could for that dealer. I don't want that to ever happen to a customer of mine. You will get the most accurate description I can give, each time, with every vehicle we sell. We want to be the most trusted and recommended used car dealer in Salem, Virginia.